I want to tell you the truth about things

Engaging, witty, and sincere content, from home decor and art to immigrant living in Mexico, as well as original commentary with a clear and earnest style on the political, social, and economic issues in the two countries I culturally straddle.

Journalistic and literary translations “by hand” to preserve the integrity of the original writing – no machine translation used.

Faithful and meaningful subtitling that lets the original art and the culture it comes from shine through.

Live translation for help with both language and cultural barriers: knowing how and where to fill in the cultural and linguistic blind spots on both sides.

“It’s no use of talking unless people understand what you say.”

Zora Neale Hurston

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All In the Family

We think we’re patchwork quilts, but really we’re a million moving pixels arranged “just so,” always on a slow, lava lamp-like move with an occasional earthquake jolt to scramble things up a bit and make life more exciting, or more terrifying. The possible results of those combinations may seem endless, but they’re probably a lot less surprising than you’d think.

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